2021 Green Bonds

In August 2021, Dominion Energy issued $1 billion of GREEN senior notes with the proceeds from the offering to be used to finance and/or refinance existing and future eligible green expenditures associated with certain solar energy investments. The company expects to provide additional associated disclosures related to allocation of proceeds and impact metrics in accordance with the prospectus supplement (Prospectus).

Project Name Location Commercial Operations Date MW AC
Seabrook Solar Beaufort, SC 12/20/2019 72.5
Wilkinson Solar Pantego, NC 12/19/2019 74
Greensville Solar Emporia, VA 12/03/2019 80
Myrtle Solar Suffolk, VA 06/29/2020 15
Hardin I Solar Hardin County, OH 12/22/2020; 01/06/2021 150
Trask Solar Beaufort, SC 03/17/2021 12
Madison, Solar Orange, VA expected 2024 63

Management Assertion

Independent Accountants’ Attestation Report