Credit Rating Summary

Dominion Energy, Inc. Moody's S&P Fitch
Corporate / Issuer Baa2 BBB+ BBB+
Senior Unsecured Debt Securities Baa2 BBB BBB+
Junior Subordinated Notes Baa3 BBB BBB
Enhanced Junior Subordinated Notes Baa3 BBB- BBB-
Preferred StockBa1BBB-BBB-
Short-Term / Commercial Paper P-2 A-2 F2
Outlook Stable Positive Stable

Selected Issuance Documentation

CUSIP Security Series Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UDG1 $1.5B 2020 Series C 3.375% Senior Notes due 2030Prospectus
Term Sheet 
25746UDF3$350M 2020 Series B 3.60% Senior Notes due 2027ProspectusTerm Sheet
25746UDE6$400M 2020 Series A 3.30% Senior Notes due 2025ProspectusTerm Sheet
25746U133 $1.4B 2019 Series A 7.25% Equity Units Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UDA4 $700M 2019 Series A-1 2.715% Junior Subordinated Notes due 2021 Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UDB2 $700M 2019 Series A-2 3.071% Junior Subordinated Notes due 2024 Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCT4 $1B 2014 Series A 2.579%
Junior Subordinated Notes due 2020
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCY3 $200M 2018 Series B 4.25%
Senior Notes due 2028 - Reopened
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCY3 $300M 2018 Series B 4.25%
Senior Notes due 2028
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCZ0 $400M 2019 Series A 4.60%
Senior Notes due 2049
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCR8 2017 Series B 2.75%
Senior Notes Due 2022
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCJ6 $400M 2016 Series C 2.00%
Senior Notes due 2021
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCK3 $400M 2016 Series D 2.85%
Senior Notes due 2026
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746U844 $800M 2016 Series A 5.25%
Enhanced Junior Subordinated Notes due 2076
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBT5 $550M 2016 4.104%
Junior Subordinated Notes due 2021
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCE7 $650M 2015 Series B 3.90%
Senior Notes due 2025
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCE7$100M 2015 Series B 3.90% Senior Notes due 2025ProspectusTerm Sheet
25746UCB3 $500M 2014 Series C 3.625%
Senior Notes due 2024
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UCC1 $450M 2014 Series D 4.70%
Senior Notes due 2044
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBY4 $685M 2014 Series A 5.75%
Enhanced Junior Subordinated Notes due 2054
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746U703 $550M 2013 Series A 1.07%
Remarketable Subordinated Notes due 2021
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBQ1 $350M 2012 Series C 4.05%
Senior Notes due 2042
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBP3 $350M 2012 Series B 2.75%
Senior Notes due 2022
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBM0 $500M 2011 Series C 4.90%
Senior Notes due 2041
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UBD0 $400M 2008 Series B 7.0%
Senior Notes due 2038
Prospectus Term Sheet
25746UAV1 $200M 2005 Series B 5.95%
Senior Notes due 2035 - Reopened
25746UAV1 $300M 2005 Series B 5.95%
Senior Notes due June 15, 2035
257469AJ5 $510M 2003 Series F 5.25%
Senior Notes due 2033
25746UAN9 $300M 2003 Series E 6.30%
Senior Notes due 2033
257469AG1 $300M 2002 Series E 6.750%
Senior Notes due 2032
25746NAA3 250,000 8.4% ($1,000 per security)
Capital Securities due 2031
209615BS1 $300M 6.8%
Debentures due December 15, 2027
209615BQ5 $150M 6 7/8%
Debentures due October 15, 2026

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