2018 Green Bonds

In November 2018, Dominion Energy completed its inaugural green bond issuance. Dominion Energy has made significant investments in renewable energy over recent years but this marks the first time that the company has specifically allocated the net proceeds of a bond issuance to support investment in renewable (or clean) generation. The proceeds from the $362 million privately placed notes were used to reimburse Dominion Energy for previously deployed capital related to the acquisition, development, and construction of 20 merchant solar projects placed in service between 2016 and 2018, all of which enjoy long-term PPAs.

The 20 solar projects, located in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California, collectively represent 574 MW of renewable energy. Selected details on each project are listed below, along with the Attestation Report from our independent accountants.

Project Name Location Commercial Operations Date MW AC
Eastern Shore, LLC New Church, VA 10/30/2016 80
Summit Farms Solar, LLC Moyock, VA 3/5/2017 60
Ridgeland Solar Farm I, LLC Ridgeland, SC 6/15/2017 10
98WI 8me LLC Calipatria, CA 5/3/2017 30
Innovative Solar 37, LLC Morven, NC 6/22/2017 79
Hecate Energy Clarke County, LLC White Post, VA 7/26/2017 10
Fremont Farm, LLC Fremont, NC 11/20/2017 5
Moorings Farm 2, LLC La Grange, NC 9/11/2017 5
Hecate Energy Cherrydale, LLC Cape Charles, VA 10/25/2017 20
Pikeville Farm, LLC Pikeville, NC 11/21/2017 5
Sussex Road, LLC Stony Creek, VA 11/30/2017 20
Correctional Solar, LLC Barhamsville, VA 11/29/2017 20
Buckingham Solar I, LLC Cumberland, VA 11/30/2017 20
Southampton Solar I, LLC Newsoms, VA 11/27/2017 100
Clipperton Holdings LLC Clinton, NC 8/21/2016 ¹ 5
Scott - II Solar, LLC Powhatan, VA 11/29/2017 20
Moffett Solar 1, LLC Ridgeland, SC 12/22/2017 71
Wakefield Solar, LLC Zebulon, NC 12/22/2017 5
Mustang Solar, LLC Robbins, NC 6/21/2018 5
Siler Solar, LLC Siler City, NC 12/20/2018 4

1 Clipperton achieved COD in August 2016, per Duke Energy but did not commence energy deliveries until November 2017.

Management Assertion and Independent Accountants' Attestation Report