Pricing Supplement Dated June 7, 1994              Rule 424(b)(5)
No. 029                                         File No. 33-55866
(To Prospectus dated January 3, 1993)


              Medium-Term Notes Due From Nine Months
                  to 30 Years From Date of Issue

Fixed Rate:                                     Principal Amount:
      8.12%                                       U.S. $10,000,000

Trade Date:      Original Issue Date:   Interest Rate: 8.12%
June 7, 1994     June 14, 1994     

Issue Price:     Stated Maturity:       Regular Record Dates:
100% of          June 14, 2024          September 15 and March 15
principal amount         

Selling Agent's Discount                Interest Payment Dates:
  or Commission:  $75,000               October 1 and April 1

Net Proceeds to Company:  $9,925,000

Form:   Book Entry

Redemption:   The Notes may be redeemed prior to Stated Maturity

     Redemption Commencement Date:  June 14, 2004
     Redemption Percentage: 104.06
     Annual Redemption Percentage:  .406%
     Redemption Provisions:   The Company may, at its option, at
                              any time, redeem the Notes, as a
                              whole or from time to time in part,
                              on any date prior to maturity, upon
                              notice as set forth in section 1104
                              of the Indenture, at the following
                              redemption prices, expressed in
                              percentages of the Principal
                              Amount, together with accrued
                              interest to the date fixed for

               If Redeemed During       Percentage of
               the 12-Month Period      Principal
               Beginning                Amount 

               June 14, 2004            104.060
               June 14, 2005            103.654
               June 14, 2006            103.248
               June 14, 2007            102.842
               June 14, 2008            102.436
               June 14, 2009            102.030
               June 14, 2010            101.624
               June 14, 2011            101.218
               June 14, 2012            100.812
               June 14, 2013            100.406
               and thereafter at 100% of the Principal Amount

Sinking Fund Redemption Dates:  Not applicable
Sinking Fund Amount:  Not applicable

Repayment:   The Notes cannot be repaid prior to Stated Maturity.

     Repayment Dates:  Not applicable
     Repayment Price:  Not applicable

Agent:  Wertheim Schroder & Co. Incorporated

Other Provisions:

     Terms are not completed for certain items above either
because such items are not applicable or because the terms are as
specified in the Prospectus.